Pure Power Yoga

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What Is Power Yoga?

Welcome! Power Yoga is truly a wonderful practice which brings change to one's life on many levels. Power yoga is for everyone regardless of age, strength or flexibility. It doesn't try to bend you or force you into crazy contortions or tell you to look to a guru to find enlightenment. Instead it is a dynamic and energizing system of yoga that will challenge and awaken you on every level. It encourages students to look within, to tap into the unlimited potential and power that is in each and every one of us while sculpting, strengthening, toning and detoxifying every muscle, gland and organ of the body. Students come to yoga for many different reasons: to become more fit and flexible, to build strength, lose weight, develop conscious breath, or just to feel bright, fresh and alive but everyone begins where they are, just as they are, right here and right now. The time is now to powerfully and purposefully transform your body and your life. If not now, when?


At PurePower Yoga students are encouraged to explore their bodies, recognizing and understand their limits while developing a sense of the breath as we cultivate presence of mind amidst the challenge of the physical postures. Individual attention is paid to alignment in each and every class with the use of props for support and modifications where appropriate by skilled contract instructors.

Regardless of your fitness level, yoga will bring you numerous health benefits as well as provide you the tools to live more consciously with more contentment and confidence. Don't wait; let yoga make a difference in your life!

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