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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a dynamic and energizing system of yoga to challenge and awaken you on every level, encouraging you to look within, to tap into the unlimited potential and power that exist within you while sculpting, strengthening, toning and detoxifying every muscle, gland and organ of your body. It is a practice of inspiration, self-expression and possibility that is for everyone regardless of age, strength or flexibility. The time is now to powerfully and purposefully transform your body and your life. If not now, when?

Power Yoga is traditionally a heated practice and at PurePower Yoga you can expect to sweat! But don't be afraid of the heat. The heat provides numerous healing and detoxifying benefits and is used to gently encourage opening in the body. It also provides a level of challenge that allows students to come face to face with deep, long-held resistances, both physically and emotionally. As those resistances are confronted the body then begins to release them and they dissipate. Here is where transformation reveals itself. Once our resistances are lowered we stop struggling and find a sense of calm in which we connect to ourselves, thus becoming still and present to what is possible in our lives.

Power Yoga will also help you lose weight, strengthen and tone every muscle, organ and system of the body. It will help you release toxins and impurities, build flexibility, focus and confidence. Truly an empowering practice to transform your both your body and your life.

Be prepared to sweat, be challenged and have fun!

Why the heat? How hot is it?

Because sweating is so good for you! It detoxifies and cleanses toxins, impurities and metabolic waste product from the inside out! Sweating improves cardiovascular health and the condition of our skin; which is the largest organ of elimination. It aids in weight loss; as the body is heated fat reserves are mobilized ultimately exiting the body by way of perspiration. Practicing in a heated room can burn as many as 600 calories per hour! It's also been shown to improve overall circulation and blood flow improving energy, digestion and absorption and mental alertness as well as boosting immunity. The heat also encourages the gentle opening and releasing of the muscles as it speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids that make muscle more elastic and less susceptible to injury and enhances vasodilation so more blood is delivered to the muscle bringing more oxygen to the tissue which aids in the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

At PurePower Yoga we heat the room to a comfortable 95 degrees in conjunction with a state of the art steam humidification system so the heat is never dry or burning. Our studio is regulated with a highly sensitive CO2 sensor and an air recovery unit which pumps in fresh air as oxygen levels fluctuate during class so you should never feel out of breath or light headed. We've installed specialty UV sanitation bulbs in our duct work to prevent bacteria from forming, thus eliminating the funky odor often found in heated studios.

I am new to Power Yoga. What should I expect and where should I start?

Expect to be transformed! Congratulations! You are beginning a life altering journey that will not only change your body but your whole way of being. The practice of Power Yoga is "ultimately a journey into the truth: truth about who you really are, what you are capable of, how your actions affect your life." Baron Baptiste.

When beginning your journey into Power Yoga it is important to build a strong foundation for your practice. Start by choosing a class that is appropriate for your level of comfort and experience. We recommend newer students check out our POWER YOGA BASIC or POWER YOGA FOUNDATION classes or consider scheduling a private session with one of our Power Yoga teachers. For more information contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Initially strive to take 6 classes during your 30-DAY NEW STUDENT SPECIAL and build from there. Over time practicing 4-5 times a week and eventually making a commitment to practice everyday. This will create a solid foundation from which you will continue on your Journey Into Power! A complete description of all of our classes can be found in our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS.

A regular practice of of Power Yoga will develop strength, stamina, focus and flexibility. It will change your body and awaken the potential that lies within you.

At PurePower Yoga expect to be surrounded by great people, great teachers and great energy! It is our desire to inspire and empower each and every while cultivating a strong sense of community. We all start wherever we are, the important thing is to start, you are ready now! Come ready to sweat, stretch, flow and most importantly, have fun!

Remember, yoga is a process. Be consistent, be patient and be compassionate with yourself.

How should I prepare for class? What to wear, what to bring?

Come well hydrated with a somewhat empty stomach, eat lightly 1-2 hours before class. Please arrive 10-15 min. early to sign in, meet the teacher, get settled and prepare for your practice.

We offer a variety of beverages including bottled water, coconut water, kombucha and raw food nutritional bars to fuel and boost your practice.

Wear comfortable lightweight workout attire and be prepared to sweat. Please refrain from wearing perfume or body fragrances and plan to practice with bare feet. We recommend a change of clothes for after practice. We recommend one of our exclusive PurePower Yoga t's or sweats for a most comfortable transition!

Bring a mat, practice towel or full size towel to cover your mat, water and a great attitude! Remember, yoga is a practice, not a destination, so enjoy the journey! Blocks and straps are provided in studio for your convenience. Mat and towel rentals are available for your convenience as well and bottled water, coconut water and other beverages for purchase.

Come prepared to discover your strength and awaken your spirit!

What should I do after class?

Hydrate and refuel with a high quality recovery beverage or snack. To ensure students have the important nutritional support available to them before and after practice we offer a variety of beverages including bottled water, coconut water, kombucha, electrolytes and raw food nutritional bars.

We recommend you bring a change of clothing for after practice as well as a plastic reusable bag for your wet clothing and/or towels.

If you are new to Power Yoga or haven't practiced in a while, you may feel a little sore the next day. This is not uncommon. Drinking plenty of water will help the muscles rehydrate and getting back on your mat is one of the best ways to help your body become accustomed to the practice. Occasionally students will experience a mild head ache as an indicator that their bodies have begun to the process of detoxifying and are requiring hydration and possibly added electrolytes. Drink plenty of water, coconut water or green juice to fuel your bodies recovery. And don't worry, with a regular practice these symptoms will disappear quickly!

How often should I practice?

Ideally, you should practice every day. In the beginning start with one to three classes a week and gradually work up to 4 or 5 and eventually to everyday. As with everything in life it takes effort to make anything effortless. The more committed to your practice the greater the results. Through a consistent practice, over time your practice will become more refined, more empowering and more therapeutic. Your body will release stress and old protective patterns of holding and suffering thus creating fluidity, ease of movement and an overall sense of lightness and being totally present in your body. As your body opens, releases and creates space so your mind will follow. The practice of yoga becomes deeply, somatically embedded in your body and overtime you will experience increased energy and presence of mind. Regardless of how frequently you attend classes the most important component is consistency. A regular practice that you enjoy and can look forward to is key.

What if I'm not flexible?

Yoga is not just for the super flexible, it is for everyone and anyone looking to be healthier, more fit, and yes, more flexible. Everyone starts wherever they are, regardless of age, ability or fitness level. The important thing is to start. Strength will come, flexibility will come, presence of mind will come. Transformation on every level is waiting for you, little by little, day by day you will begin to feel better and more alive as you tap into your vitality and an awaken spirit, living from the fullest expression of who you are.

Will Power Yoga help me lose weight or build muscle?

Yes! Power Yoga changes your body from the inside out, literally! You may not notice the changes at first, but they are happening at the deepest levels. Yes, if you have weight to lose, you will lose weight. Yes, you will build muscle along with stamina, discipline, focus and flexibility. Along with all these wonderful physical benefits the true transformation happens in your heart and soul as you awaken to the potential that lies within you. As you connect to the center of your being, the truth of who you are. From here you will flow from a place of vitality, full expression and new possibilities in your life.

Will Power Yoga give me more energy?

Absolutely! Power Yoga is a physically demanding practice. It is important to take care of yourself with good nutrition, adequate rest and proper hydration. Done with regularity you will experience more vibrancy, greater vitality and definitely more energy in your life!

Is Power Yoga safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely. Remember, Power Yoga is not about force, it about learning to be with what is. Pregnancy provides an amazing opportunity to tune in to your body and your way of being at a whole new level. Always respecting and honoring your body, Power Yoga is a safe and wonderful practice to continue if you had a regular practice before becoming pregnant. We recommend during pregnancy to scale back to about 80% of your regular practice. If you've been coming consistently and you feel good, continue to take classes as long as it is comfortable. If you are an advanced practitioner, consider transitioning your practice to either an All Levels Power Yoga class and eventually to the Power Yoga Basics class as your pregnancy progresses. If you are new to the practice we encourage you to explore a yoga class designed specifically for pregnancy or a restorative, yin style class. Always let the instructor know if you are pregnant and check with your physician before making any changes or starting an exercise program.

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