Pure Power Yoga

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Class Etiquette

At PurePower Yoga we want you to have the best experience possible! Here are a few things to help ensure you and those around you have a great visit to our studio.

• Turn off cell phones before entering the studio.

• Please remove your shoes before entering the practice room.

• Refrain from wearing fragrance or cologne.

Etiquette2• Practice good hygiene, clean body, clean mat, clean towel and clean attire.

• Respect others while practicing, avoid unnecessary discussion during class.

• Clean up your space at the end of class, take your belonging with you and wipe your sweat from yours practice area.

 • If you arrive late or need to leave early, please do so quietly so as to not disturb other students.

• Please create space for everyone, adjusting your mat to make room for others.

• Savasana is quintessential. If you need to leave early, allow yourself a few minutes to rest in savasana to integrate your practice before leaving quietly.

• Treat everyone with consideration, respect and gratitude.

• And...most importantly...Have Fun!

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