Pure Power Yoga

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Benefits of Power Yoga

Physical Benefits
With regular practice, Power Yoga develops a strong, flexible toned body. It has been shown to reduce stress, blood pressure, maintain a balanced metabolism, maintain and stabilize a healthy weight while increasing energy and vitality. It improves circulations and respiration; helps prevent injury and improve athletic performance. It detoxifies and cleanses every bodily system and organ.

BenefitsA highly accomplished distance runner and friend claims "yoga is her secret weapon in achieving her record breaking performances."

Physical benefits to the breath are also significant. Linking breath and movement encourages the detoxification of the body from both natural and man-made toxins. As you learn to stretch the breath you will allow your muscles to stretch and relax as well, delivering nourishing oxygen-rich blood to every area of the body. Developing the breath cultivates mental acuity, a sense of calm and well-being and a releasing of the free flow of energy in the body.

Mental Benefits
Yoga helps individuals develop the tools to handle the everyday stressors and events of life more effectively and gracefully. Developing Sthirum, Sukam and Asanam; Steadiness, Ease and Presence of Mind, the mental benefits carry way beyond the mat into our daily lives. Yoga develops a sense of being more present accompanied by greater mental clarity and focused energy. Regular yoga practice encourages positive thoughts, self-acceptance and a balanced state of being.

Spiritual Benefits
Cultivating a deeper, personal sense of self is a natural progression and benefit of a regular yoga practice. Looking inward to then look outward with a sense of compassion and empathy connects us more deeply to others and the world around us. As we become more present and more aware we continually experience greater joy, peace, connection and inner purpose in our lives.


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