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How to Take Care of Yourself and Avoid injuries

 • Listen To And Honor Your Body. Power Yoga should never be a competition with anyone and especially with yourself. If you are tired, rest, take child's pose for a few breaths and then join in again when you are ready.

Childs-Pose• Hydrate! Drink water before your class, during your class as needed and after class! Electrolytes, coconut water and fresh juices are excellent ways to help keep you hydrated, in balance and feeling strong.

• Find Your Breath. The breath is key in connecting to yourself, tuning in and listening to your body. It is the most important tool you have in linking mind and body. Send your breath to any areas of holding or tension. Let your breath create space and cultivate vibrancy from which to flow.

• Try Easy. It's fine to "play your edge" just never go past it. As you respectfully approach your edge in any pose, your body's intelligence will learn to trust you and open respectively. If you slam up against your edge or go beyond it, you invite injury and your body's intelligence will naturally look to take you out of the pose, create a muscular bypass or find the counter pose. Be respectful and listen to your body, your body knows and if you're in the here and now you will know how.

• Modify. If you have an injury be sure to let the instructor know, and be sure to modify as needed. Never hesitate to ask for assistance or get support from the instructor.

• Go Slowly. If you feel pain, stop what you are doing. While the practice of Power Yoga is challenging, you should never experience pain. Discomfort is good, pain is bad. In yoga we have a saying "no pain, no pain."

• Refuel Your Body. Eat a healthy, nutritious diet, stay hydrated, take electrolytes to replenish minerals and salt lost during sweating and get good quality sleep.


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