Pure Power Yoga

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Take Your Practice And Your Life To The Next Level!

Are you interested in the next phase of your yoga practice? If so, come expereince the ancient technique of meditation that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, find peace of mind, and improve your life!Intro to Power Yoga

Meditation as the foundation of your yoga practice is key to bringing your yoga off the mat and into the world.

Whether you are new to mediation or an advanced practitioner, there is something for everyone in this workshop. W
e will explore different techniqies to experince the power of peace and presence of mind youv'e been looking for.

No experience necessary, bring a freind!


Sunday March 26th 1:30-3:30

$25 30 Day Challengers Special Rate!...and it counts towards your challenge!
$30 pre-reg by 3/25/17
$35 drop-in

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this workshop is not heated


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