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PurePower Yoga Instructors

Arthur Coulston
A back injury in his youth, combined with a stressful career in tech had Arthur feeling like an old man by the time he was 30. "I thought my back pain was just going to get worse and there was nothing I could do about it. It was depressing." Then his startup company moved into an office around the corner from a yoga studio and he decided to give it a try. After a couple of classes he was hooked, and within a few months his body felt better than it had in years. In the spring of 2014 Arthur enrolled in teacher training to deepen his personal practice and learn how to share yoga with others. "Yoga has done so much more for me, I'm stoked to have the chance to share it with other people." Arthur loves helping people discover the benefits of yoga and strives to bring fun, challenging and safe yoga classes to his students.

Bailey Feeney
Having been blessed to grow up in Colorado, Bailey has always led a healthy and active lifestyle. It wasn’t until 7 years ago though, that for the first time she felt fully present in her body; it was her first yoga class and she was hooked.  She knew then that yoga would play a huge role in her life, both as a student and a teacher.  She craves the physical challenge, stress relief and mental clarity her daily practice provides and the elevated vibration and sense of well being that rewards you after a great class.  It’s a workout, therapy, and church all in one.  Bailey is studying Chinese medicine and loves exploring the yin and yang of yoga; the expansion and focus, the stillness and flow, the power and the surrender, the breathing in and the breathing out. She offers supportive, challenging, fun, lighthearted, and energetic classes to inspire students on their own unique path.

Beth Nelson
Beth Nelson first came to yoga about 15 years ago as a way to alleviate the physical and mental stress from the rigors of training for marthons and long distance triathlons. She quickly discovered that the benefits of yoga went well beyond stretching her sore muscles! She loves the sense of calmness and well-being that she feels from practicing and felt that her experiences as an athlete would bring a unique perspective as a teacher. Her classes take students on a journey through a challenging physical practice while being grounded in mindful awaremness of what the present moment can bring. Beth's compassionate and fun style is welcoming to all levels of students. Her intention is to provide a safe, comfortable space for studnts to explore and discover the truth of who they are through the body, breath and mind.

Bridgit Karo
Bridgit Marlo is a Santa Cruz native and lifelong athlete whose enthusiasm, genuine love of nature and healthy living, infuses all she does. She's been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and completed the 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training course in Power/ Vinyasa Flow. She has coached top-ranking athletes and counseled children around the world. Bridgit is an energetic, positive, loving instructor who is passionate about helping guide and motivate others. She received a Psy.D in child psychology and is the owner of a successful chai tea business. The ocean has always been her first love; swimming with dolphins, being part of nature, and connecting with people describes who she is today.

Gregory Raudenbush
Gregory Raudenbush has been a student of yoga since childhood. Now a 200hr RYT, Gregory offers an invigorating class that begins with high-energy asana and leads to deeply grounding postures and meditation. Centered on heart and mind expansion, Students will use basic alignment principals and pranayama to reach new heights with their practice. Class is also guided by funky music and teachings derived from Anusara and Hatha yoga. Gregory owes his inspiration to his many teachers, community, and Guru Mata Amritanandamayi.

Jeanette Lehouillier
My motto; Be Open To What Is Possible! From the first class I ever took, in my heart I knew yoga was something I would always do. There was something deeply transformative for me, on many levels, and whatever that was, I knew it had the potential to do the same for others. Over the years yoga became so much more then just a physical practice but a journey into myself, an awakening and connecting to the truth of who I am, who I wanted to be and who I was. I often share this in my classes, but what I love most about yoga is that there is no end to yoga. We never arrive. We never master what it has to offer because there is always somewhere new to to go. A metaphor for life, really. My classes are physically challenging encouraging students to discover their potential, to know they are stronger then they think and to move through the mental resistances that hold them back. Life is not always easy and we find ourselves coming up against our edge, but through this practice we develop the ability to cultivate steadiness and ease amidst the challenge, and it is here we discover what is possible. We find our centers, or presence and our peace to come back to time and again. Having trained extensively with Baron Baptiste my classes classes are influenced primarily by the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Method with strong influences from Mark Stephens, Kofi Busia, Jill Miller and a number of other inspiring teachers. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and am committed to inspiring and empowering each and every, experiencing the truth of who they are!

Jessi Whitford
Jessi's love and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle began at an early age where she competed in various sports including basketball, softball, Junior Guards, distant running and volleyball. In 2009 Jessi found her calling to practice yoga which she has been living and breathing almost daily ever since! Jessi completed her 200 RYT in August of 2014 at Power Yoga Hawaii. Jessi’s experience of sport related injuries has spurred her commitment to not letting injuries be a limiting factor for her students and the experience of connection and movement of body with breath be accessible to all. Jessi is beyond excited to be a part of the PurePower Yoga team! Her classes are energetic and dynamic, appropriate for all levels! Empowering her students to develop a combination of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health as they cultivate awareness and balance that translates off the mat into everyday life. Whether your first down dog or your hundredth, Jessi invites you to join her on the mat for a fun, sweaty yoga class! 

Julia Sinn
My wake-up call came in the middle of a sweaty backbend, when one of my first teachers at Amazing Yoga Pittsburgh asked, "If it's not serving you, then why are you holding onto it?" It was my senior year of college and I had already fallen in love with Baptiste Power Yoga because of how it made my body feel. A door opened after that day to some huge changes. Why suffer through a mediocre life when we're meant to be vibrant, joyful, and loving?As a trained dancer, I was naturally drawn to the vigorous movements and empowering attitude of the Power Flow style. The practice moved me from fear, anxiety, and darkness into awareness, peace, and confidence. For me, there was never an option except to share this miracle of self-discovery.I found myself in the work trade program, then teacher training, then an assistantship with my incredible mentors Sean and Karen Conley at Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I learned that once we connect to ourselves in a meaningful and compassionate way, we encourage others to do the same.My classes are about finding freedom and simply feeling awesome. By moving, sweating, and laughing our worries away, we awaken authentic strength. When we let go of our thinking, over-analyzing minds and welcome the present, we can shine our brightest.

Kirsten Olshan
From Kirsten Olshan has been in the health and fitness industry for 20+ years as well as a dancer and an athlete all her life. After completing her first marathon in 2006, placing top ten female in Monterey County and placing in several 1/2 marathons she decided to take her passion as a fitness professional to a new level becoming an educator for other professional instructors and her clients.Kirsten has held several workshops in Injury Prevention and Pilates Education throughout the Bay Area, LA and Washington DC and has taught at notable clubs such as Sprots Club LA, Equinox and Corporate Fitness, Medifit. She has worked with professional football players, basketball players, olympic swimmers and professional dancers. Kirsten is both a certified personal trainer as well as a certified Pilates instructor with over 600 hours traning in various pilates methods and renowed educators from Romona Kryzanowksa, Bob Leikins and Mari Winsor. Kirsten is excited to ba a part of  PurePower Yoga and to be bringing Hot Power Pilates to Santa Cruz County!

Kriya Jordan
What began as a creative outlet twenty years ago has become a way of life. My career as a fitness instructor, teaching various formats, continues to evolve and has let me to the heated practices here at PurePower Yoga. It is truly a mind over matter practice practice that challenges our bodies while inspiring a great sense of accomplishment. I value the heat and its detoxification in conjunction with the no impact Hot Power Pilates sequences. These together create the type of core-centric total body workout that one can feel in their daily lives. My goal is to offer a form focused class with maximum results and minimal strain. Yet, most importantly, I strive to energize, inspire and bring a smile to my students faces!

Lachelle Dillon
I took my first class in 1999 after the birth of my first baby and have been practicing and teaching ever since in a variety of yoga traditions. I believe that every second is a new opportunity for creativity, healing and forgiveness; expanding awareness of truth. I am often playing within the concepts of Pure Potential and utilization of Pure Potential when I teach. It is my desire to support others on their paths of becoming aware of their own Pure Potential; empowering them to conceive of, receive and realize healing, renewal and never ending hope is my goal as a yoga teacher. Having taught over 1000 hours of yoga for over 13 years I find myself a loving, empathetic and energetically creative yogini. I've completed numerous trainings including Hatha/Kundalini by Yoga Yoga University; Hatha/Prenatal by Global Yoga, Chicago IL; Holy Yoga Spiritual Yoga by Holy Yoga, Phoenix, AZ in additon to teacher training intensives with Sean Corn, Shiva Rea and many others. Yoga teachers who continue to inspire me are Donna Farhi, Baron Baptiste, Gary Kraftsow, Brook Boone and so many others.... 

Lisa Coffman
Since childhood, Lisa has loved participating in sports and fitness. Inspired by her competitive spirit and willingness to achieve new goals, she competed in sprots, ran multiple half marathons and supported others with personal training. Always lookg to try something new, she began teaching Spin 8 years ago. Through a friend she hot yoga and loving the challenge of the heat and the connected way if made her feel inside and out! For Lisa, Hot Power Pilates offers the perfect combiantion of heat with a strong, powerful workout! Lisa's classes challenge you both mentally and physically! You will leave her classes feeling amazing! "Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't" -Rikki Rogers

Lydia Silfen
Lydia became an instant yogi after trying her first heated vinyasa class in 2010. An avid runner and gym goer, she loved how yoga centered her while still fulfilling her need to move. As she began to practice more and more, she started to discover not only physical changes in her body but immense mental growth as well. In 2012 she decided to deepen her practice and become a certified instructor. Lydia provides a dynamic and physically challenging vinyasa flow class, integrating alignment, core work and breathing techniques with creative sequencing and an upbeat playlist. Lydia loves to switch it up - no two classes will ever be the same, but you can always expect to work hard and feel great!

Maddy Casteel
Hi, my name is Maddy. I am so excited and immensely grateful to be a part of the PurePower Yoga team! Growing up, I played division one soccer for 10 years. From this, my love for exercise was born. I began practicing hot yoga at the age of 14, where I became interested in heated practices. When I discovered Hot Power Pilates at PurePower Yoga, I was immediately hooked; it is the perfect combination of a fast paced, challenging workout and the heat that I had  grown to thrive in. In my classes I strive to create a positive environment where my students leave class feeling both successful and inspired to improve. I am a firm believer in the endless benefits that physical exercise has on the mind, body, and spirit. With hard work and a little (or a lot) of sweat, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Mardi McRae
Having been inspired and committed to excercise from an early age I've learned how empowering and transformational fitness can be in one's life. It has helped me to maintain and find the confidence to deal with lifes' difficulties. Feeling and seeing the difference we can make in our own bodies is one of the most basic and fundamental paths to self care. As a personal trainer I found such satisfaction in helping others find their own conficence and love for exercise. After having taken my first heated class years ago, I fell in love with heated practices and more recently found a passion and enthusiasm for Hot Power Pilates! The combination of heat, music, bare feet and muscle sculpting sweat is so effective and fun I had to be more than just a participant and decided to be come an instructor. My classes combine my vast knowledge of functional weight training and my love for good music to create a challenging, effective and fun workout! It will never be easy, but change only happens when we challenge our bodies and selves...and when we can change things that are important to us, we can become our best possible selves!

Mariah Cross
Mariah began her yoga journey several years ago practicing a variety of styles. While building a desciplined practice, she felt something was missing and decided to expand her practice. She took her first Power Vinyasa class and had never felt so inspired, strong and connected in a yoga class! Through the Vinyasa practice, the missing elements of strength, freedom, and mindfulness were integrated into her practice, and her life! By cultivating these elements, Mariah felt compelled to share her experience with others. She decided to participate in a teacher training and receive her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification through Zuda Yoga in 2014. She continues her education by participating and assisting workshops in addition to many hours of personal practice. Mariah offers a dynamic flow emphasising the connection between breath and movement.

Maureen Kendall
My passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle began as teenager. Fitness was the avenue I chose then and now to relieve any kind of stress. The foundation was set growing up playing competitive soccer for 10 years as well as other sports. My interest and education in fitness grew with a gym membership, it was one of the first things I signed up for once I got my driver's license. I loved trying all the various fitness classes from step (aging myself), kickboxing, spinning, and dance classes. Weight lifting has always been part of my exercise regimen, ranging from body sculpting, Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting where form is key in any movement! My longest fitness love however, has been Hot Power Yoga and  Hot Power Pilates.!I have practiced yoga and Pilates (reformer and mat) for over 15 years and now have the pleasure of teaching Hot Power Pilates at PurePower Yoga. Teaching is such an privilege, it connects my passion for people with my passion for fitness. 

Nancy Alsip
Nancy has been teaching fitness classes in Santa Cruz County for over 20 years. She brings a safe, motivational and fun experience to her classes with a welcoming environment. Nancy is a postivive person who strives to motivate her students to see their own greatness by empowering them both physically and emotionally. Come with a great attitude, be prepared to smile, sweat and excel! 

Shannon Cummings
Shannon has been a yoga practitioner since 2006. After she began yoga with Eileen Crist at her college gym in Blacksburg, Virginia she knew that she wanted more. A lot more! She did her yoga training in the style of Ashtanga at the Blue Ridge School of Yoga under thetutelage of Jeff Tiebout. In 2010 she received her 200 hr. certification in Ashtanga through Manju Jois at the Chicago Yoga Institue. Having taught at a Jonny Kest studio in Lafayette, Louisiana, she fell in love with the deep, methodical movements of Slow Burn Yoga. Most recently, Shannon has practiced and taught at CorePower Yoga in San Jose but now resides in Santa Cruz as a full-fledge beach-town transplant. Shannon's dynamic energy and passion for teaching and a heated practice brings fun and challenge to her classes! From Appalachia to Santa Cruz...she looks forward to sweating, laughing and learning on the mat!

Shauna Horton
Teaching health and fitness classes for over 20 years, my love and passion for fitness was sparked during my studies at UC Davis where I studied biology and exercise physiology. Over the years I've studied and trained in a multitude of health, wellness and fitness applications and aquired numerous certifications from Zumba to cycling, aerobics and more. I believe strongly in putting into practice all that I've learned and it is my desire to draw from this base of knowledge to inspire my students to their fullest. I am thrilled to be a part of the team bringing Hot Power Pilates to Santa Cruz County at PurePower Yoga! Hot Power Pilates will invigorate, energize and empower you! Know that if you are consistent in your practice you will notice extraordinary changes in your body and create harmony in your mind and body. These are just some of the results you will find through Hot Power Pilates! It will be challenging yet doable. Come practice, sweat and train with me!

Suzi Josslyn
Inspiring and empowering people to live from their true selves, using their unique circumstances to make a positive impact is my passion in life. Teaching fitness classes for the last 30 years is part of who I am. Through job changes, moves, marriage, childbirth...teaching  is one of the few things that has remained a constant . WHY? I believe being active is mentally and physically restorative and an important part of helping us be our best self. Motivating others to stay active is life giving to me. Learning to balance the courage and kindness it takes to teach and practice at PurePower Yoga has taken my appreciation for group exercise to the next level. It is my hope that everyone who comes to my classes leaves with a renewed focus and confidence knowing they can take the strength they experience in class into the rest of their day.



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